Career development is a lifelong process that includes self-awareness, career exploration, skill development, and training. All ICTC campuses offer career placement services to all students, graduates, and other qualified individuals within the ICTC district.

The Career Center coordinates and maintains regular contact with students, instructors, Workforce Oklahoma, colleges and universities, military and local businesses to assist in the career advisement of students. The Career Placement Specialist on each campus maintains a referral listing of organizations, local companies, colleges and universities, and military. All students and alumni may visit the Career Center for assistance in searching for employment and to obtain available referrals to all organizations.

Career development activities such as interest, aptitude, and worker trait assessment, resume' writing, interviewing skills, dressing for success, portfolio development, job shadowing, leadership training, and career development seminars may be scheduled throughout the year.

To serve you most effectively, our services are available by appointment. For more information, contact the Career Placement Specialist at the campus nearest you.


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Online Job Board: College Central

If you are a Student or Alumni of ICTC you must register in order to use our services. There is no cost to for these services. Once registered you may:

ICTC Job Board

Search for jobs targeted at Indian Capital Technology Center graduates.

Upload your resume so that it can be searched by employers if you so authorize. Your resume must be approved before it can be sent to employers and submitted online to posted jobs.

Review your job search history.

Receive e-mails about programs, services, and job related topics.

Once registered you can search for jobs at any time from any computer. If you want employers to consider you when they are searching for candidates, you must upload a resume. Review the Resume Authorizations carefully and select the option that is appropriate for you. You may change your Authorization at any time. Contact Career Placement Services if you have questions.


Our online Employer Services are available for no charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must register your organization with our office prior to accessing these services. Once your registration is approved (you will receive an e-mail containing your password), you may use the following services:

Job Posting:Post jobs targeted to Indian Capital Technology Center studentsand alumni.

Resume Search:Search resumes of ICTC students and alumni

ICTC Job Board

Indian Capital Technology Center provides this assurance of non- discrimination:

Indian Capital Technology Center (ICTC) believes in the worth of all individuals & is committed to equal opportunity for each employee, student, & community citizen visiting our campuses. ICTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex/gender, age, disability, marital or veteran status in its programs and activities. All employers wishing to work with or hire any ICTC students must agree to comply with this policy.

Other Helpful Employment Resources:

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