Any disabled person requiring specific information regarding services should call Student Services.  Facilities on all ICTC campuses continue to pursue A.D.A compliance.

Students with disabilities, who are enrolling in a full-time or part-time class at ICTC and wish to request accommodations for their disabilities, must obtain a Request for Accommodation Form from their Instructor or Student Services.  The written request for accommodations must be made two weeks prior to the assessment in order for reasonable accommodations to be made.  Completion of the necessary documentation is the responsibility of the student making the request and for notifying the District Administrator of Student Services at the time of assessment scheduling.

The disclosed disability must be documented by a qualified professional in a field related to the disability (i.e. a physician in the case of a physical disability, a psychologist or psychiatrist in the case of a mental illness).  Prior to delivery of service, ICTC staff must approve the request.  Action on accommodations will be provided in a timely manner with regard to obtaining assistive technology, additional personnel, supplementary services, etc.  Accommodations must be related to the documented disability.

For assistance, please contact:

Specialized Education Instructor
David Thomas
Ph:  918-348-7965