Residential HVAC Technician

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Design, fabricate, and install many types of HVAC and refrigeration components. Troubleshoot and repair advanced residential and commercial systems. Use logical thinking to interpret blueprints, electrical schematics, operational sequence charts, and refrigerant charging charts.

Employment Options:
Residential HVAC Installer, Commercial HVAC Installer, HVAC Service Technician, Commercial Refrigeration, Service Technician

Approximate Local Salary Potential: $13-20/hr. / $24,960 - $28,800/yr.


8:05A - 11:05A / 11:55A - 2:55P
2403 N. 41st Street E., Muskogee, OK
918-687-6383 / 800-375-8324

8:00A - 11:00A / 12:00P - 3:00P
401 Houser Road Ind. Blvd., Sallisaw, OK
918-775-9119 / 800-340-2594

8:00A - 11:00A / 12:00P - 3:00P
240 CareerTech Way, Tahlequah, OK
918-456-2594 / 800-340-2594