Alliance Mission:  Provide leadership and assistance to Oklahoma manufacturers to help them become progressively more successful in the marketplace.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence was created in 1991 by Oklahoma manufacturers and public/private stakeholders.  The Alliance is one of 78 manufacturing extension partnerships (MEP) across the United States MEP is a part of the U. S. Department of Commerce through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Funding for Oklahoma's MEP, The Alliance, include NIST, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST), and local support from colleges, universities, and vocational-technical educational institutions.

 Five Dimensions of the Alliance

Technology:  Using advance materials, equipment and processes to modernize and meet global standards.  Technology also encompasses intellectual technologies such as application of 'Lean Manufacturing: or 'Flow Techniques.'

Marketing:  Spreading manufacturers' products and capabilities to new local, national, and global markets using research, analysis, and planning.  Proactively seeking new markets through e-commerce activities and international trade opportunities.

Human Resources:  Assisting firms in all aspects of their human resource needs.  Recruitment benefits, training, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Finances:  Resourcing capital for business needs such as equipment, research and development, technology and business expansion through assistance of the Small Business Administration, local financial institutions, investors, venture capitalists, grants and incentives.

Inter-Firm Collaboration:  Firms engaging in relationships of interdependence, trust and sharing focus on innovative actiities.  Networks are developed to share cost, seek market or product opportunities, and to share information.

 Manufacturing Extension Agent

The Alliance Manufacturing Extension Agent (MEA) can help your manufacturing business find the resources needed for success. The MEA's objective is to help your business be more profitable. Your MEA has access to numerous resources including training, technical expertise, equipment, financial assistance, and business networks. Call your MEA if you need any type of business assistance.

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